AHC Logo 3Awakenings Holistic Center offers heart-centered healing and renewal through a variety of unique services. We are continuing as a multidisciplinary team, guiding you to the services that best serve your needs in a safe and peaceful space for each session.


256px-BerkeleySpringsSP_WestVirginiaHowever, due to the fire that destroyed our building last April, we are no longer operating as a group. Individual therapists remain available for any services you may need. Please click on the tab that says “Therapists” and select the therapist of your choice to locate the phone number needed to set up an appointment. You may also check out each therapist’s individual website.

We will continue to maintain AHC’s website indefinitely as a resource for your convenience to help you locate the service of your choice. We wish for you a beautiful and rewarding stay here in Berkeley Springs!